The Bridge to Opportunity

Unlocking Skills; Raising Opportunities; Transforming Lives

We are passionate advocates for people with disabilities committed to transforming lives through employment. We help build training academies to develop employable skills which lead to rewarding Information Technology jobs and careers.  Our "Bridge to Opportunity" academies in the U.S. and Europe are enabling meaningful employment which changes lives.

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The global human tragedy and lost potential from lack of employment

Did you know?

The Covid-19 Pandemic is Increasing the Employment Gap

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Who We Are:

Who We Are

Passionate advocates for people with disabilities:

We aspire to make meaningful employment opportunities available to people with disabilities and provide employers access to this untapped talent pool.  Our approach is innovative and transformative.

We see the great potential to contribute to the business, brand, and workforce of many organizations through unlocking untapped human potential and creating meaningful life-changing opportunities for all.

We are innovators continuing to innovate to help as many people as possible.

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What We Do

Enable Employment of People with Disabilities:  
We unleash the potential of people with disabilities through employment.  We unlock access to this untapped talent pool.  

We provide expertise, support and tools that enable mission aligned organizations to provide innovative "Bridge to Opportunity" training academies.  These programs develop certified employable skills to enable meaningful jobs and careers for people with disabilities. 

Our only ambition is to enable  meaningful employment that transforms lives.  

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Why We Do It

Enrich Lives and give deserving people an opportunity to prove themselves:

All people have great potential and aspire to have meaningful work. 

Employers struggle to find talent while millions just want a chance to contribute and prove themselves.  We create these opportunities which unlock amazing potential. 

We aspire to help people with disabilities achieve their life's aspirations and live their best life.   

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Testimonials: Changing Lives

" This whole IT academy is the greatest opportunity I have every received, and I am going to master this no matter what."

Student in Bridge to Opportunity Academy

"I love this program.  I did  not have any hope prior to being accepted in this program.  Prior to coming into this academy I did not see any future.  I wanted more. Now I have a career.  I would tell anyone with a disability, never give up on faith and hope because there is ... an opportunity to  better yourself and your career. "  Click here for video

Student in Bridge to Opportunity Academy

"These are some of our best employees. The benefits to (our company) are far greater than people realize. They bring an attitude, approach to the customer, and empathy for the customer … that is a real asset for us.”

Executive who hired our candidates

"Of all the programs we support, this one is by far my favorite.  It is "out of the box", has huge potential for impact, and is changing lives."

Divisional Director State Department of Vocational Reahabilation

"I'm sorry for being emotional, but I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you have given my son with this program.  We have been waiting over 20 years for something good to happen for him and now his opportunity is finally here because of this program."

Mother of Student in a Bridge to Opportunity Academy

“This program is amazing and unique.  I  am so excited to have the opportunity to participate and change lives.”

Bridge to Opportunity Academy Instructor

"This program is phenomenal.  This whole experience lit a fire in my heart to see all these people succeed." 

Student in Bridge to Opportunity Academy

"We hear compelling stories every day about marginalized "under-the-radar" people with disabilities who simply want a chance to prove themselves. We give them a chances and they achieve. It changes their lives, their families, lives and may change lives for generations."

Bridge to Opportunity Executive

"People with disabilities have abilities too!"

---Stella Muigai, Student in the Nairobi Bridge Academy

Click to hear Daniel Otumba and Stella Muigai talk about what the Bridge Academy means to them.

Click on picture on the left to view the video.

"This was such a blessing in my life"

---Ian Cashero, Graduate of the Exceptional Academy

Students from the Exceptional Bridge Academy Bridge to Opportunity share their perspective at graduation.

Click on picture on the left to view the video.